Rich praise from Head Chef

"Dear Mr Makis,
The purpose of this correspondence is to address the
creditability and flavoursome experienceI recently enjoyed
at your BBQ Eating & Takeaway store that occurred on the
13th January 2013 at 38 Jetty Rd Glenelg. The following
paragraphs outline a valuable testimonial of my detailed
menu experience and respect for well-practiced culinary
recipes that have been perfected over decades.

I get drawn in to Makis BBQ Eating & Takeaway store weak at the knees salivating over the aromatic smells of the secret combination of spices seasoning the moistest lamb yiros in Adelaide. A complex recipe filled with tradition and vibrant flavour. The tenderness of either lamb or chicken filled yiros always delivers a flavoursome experience, seasoned well with the combination of handmade garlic sauce and precise cooking techniques and preparation.

Handmade, a key ingredient to the success of the food I always find at Makis. From the irresistible garlic sauce that fills a lamb yiros that makes me wonder how to replicate such a complex gathering of flavours. To the seasoning that identifies Makis lamb yiros from all others and leads the market in delivering a marriage of lamb and salad I crave for.

When I step into Makis I feel the rich history of a store that has been operating in Glenelg for some 20years. Framed black and white photos of Makis and his success over the years are scattered around the walls linking the tired décor being brought back to life with fresh vibrant renovations. New appliances and shiny stainless steel endorse the cleanliness of an aging building; the addition of the sounds of fresh produce being chopped peeled and washed in the back kitchen gives me confidence in food practices at Makis, homemade.

Monday lunch time or a busy Saturday night at Makis has not changed my experience, same. Time after time I’m satisfied with my meal at Makis BBQ Eating & Takeaway and must share my gratefulness with the owner and staff that make Makis possible, thank you. This is my opinion of a hidden diamond in the rough down at Glenelg, please make sure you try Makis for yourself and make your own decision…"

James Lawrie
Head Chef