Yiros comes to SA in the 1970s

It was at the iconic Grecian BBQ, in Hindley Street that South
Australia was first introduced to the concept of a new food
called a yiros. That was back in the mid to late 1970s and
Makis was an important member of the original team.

This would help explain how Makis has been able to work 110 hour weeks for over 20 years at the Glenelg store — just ask any Glenelg local and they'll confirm it! It was during his time in the army that Makis came up with his dream to become a full-time cook and open up his own shop.

A new start in a new country

When Makis came to Australia in his early 20s to pursue this dream he brought his Uncle George's recipe with him. In order to build up enough savings to open his own shop, Makis worked several jobs — from waiter at the Clements underground night spot and cook at the Grecian BBQ to a machine operator at the Mr Juicy Factory in Regency Park, to cutting lawns.

After 10 years at Glynde, the property was sold to Mitre 10. Sadly, the store had to be closed, leaving Makis and Sofia with empty dreams.

A family business

Makis has always been a family business and remains that way today. Makis and Sofia's son Arthur was just 2 when they opened their Glynde store. Many of the then customers who still visit Makis at the Glenelg store today remember the young Arthur behind the counter, trying to copy his father and help with the food orders. Arthur has now returned to SA, after several successful years working in the corporate world in Sydney.

He's now taking a more active involvement with the family business. With his father Makis heading into his later years, Arthur plans to spend more quality time with him, working by his side, Father and Son.

Chicken Yiros? Are you crazy?

That's what Makis was told time and time again when he first introduced this product back in 1992. Luckily, he didn't listen to the nay-sayers. It was an instant hit that has since become an integral part of any yiros store menu.

Today at Makis Yiros, chicken yiros is almost as popular as his authentic original lamb, particularly with those who are seeking a healthy treat.

Makis — A Glenelg Icon

The shop at the corner of Moseley Street has been going strong for over 20 years and Makis, with his blue poloshirt and cap, is a familiar sight. He is part of the rich tapestry that Jetty Road Glenelg possesses and is appreciated by the many locals who stop and have a chat with Makis when he's in his shop or standing outside having a smoko.