Authentic, old-fashioned and proud of it

We use only the very best meats, the freshest produce with our original family recipes. Our yiros, our salads and dips, we make right here on the premises, just like we always have, for over 20 years. So in case you haven’t had the pleasure yet, we invite you to come on down and taste the Makis Yiros difference. It’s the healthier fast food!

7 reasons why Makis Yiros tastes so good

  1. A proven 50 year old family recipe
  2. We use top grade lamb & chicken meats – no chewy bits!
  3. Rotisserie cooked — healthier as the fat drips away on rotation
  4. Not cooked on charcoal — so no risk of carbon-tasting meats or toxins
  5. Our recipes are low in salt and we have no sugar in our pita
  6. No preservatives, artificial colours or flavours in any of our recipes
  7. Meats are properly cut the traditional way, not shaven!

Makis - A Glenelg Icon

The shop at the corner of Moseley Street has been going strong for over 20 years and Makis, with his blue poloshirt and cap, is a familiar sight. He is part of the rich tapestry that Jetty Road Glenelg possesses and is appreciated by the many locals who stop and have a chat with Makis when he’s in his shop or standing outside having a smoko.